Distinguished psychologist Carlo Diclemente Ph.D,, whose field of expertise is Addiction and Health Behaviour Change, has given our book "Addiction and Choice: Rethinking the Relationship" a very positive, thorough and balanced review.

Currently teaching at the University of Maryland, Professor Diclemente himself has written hundreds of research papers and several books, so we were particularly delighted to receive such a good and thoughtful review.

In his review, he calls the book "a comprehensive, historically rich, sophisticated, and research-supported exploration of addiction, its definition, and the ongoing debate about the role of choice in the phenomenon of addiction."

Diclemente also notes that the authors of some of the chapters "represent many of my heroes in addiction research and practice who are innovators and creative thinkers pushing the boundaries of our understanding of addiction."

Addiction and_Choice_Book

The professor also recommends that the book will likely be challenging and interesting for psychologists, philosophers, behavioural scientists, neuroscientists, curious clinicians, and researchers with a wide array of interests,

The full review can be found in PsycCRITIQUES October 23, 2017, Vol. 62, No. 42, Article 1 © 2017 American Psychological Association.

If you are interested in reading the book and looking at addiction from a whole range of perspectives, you can find "Addiction and Choice "on Amazon UK, Amazon.com, and it can be ordered from all good bookshops.

Thank you, Professor Diclemente.



Addiction and Choice: Rethinking the Relationship

Nick Heather and Gabriel Segal (Eds.)

Oxford University Press

ISBN 978-0-19-872722-4.


 There are so many categories that it is like Wonderland trying to navigate the British Medical Association Book Awards.

That is not a bad thing – it's important to cover podiatry to psychiatry. I am all for better health for all.

That said, we were delighted to learn that ‘Addiction & Choice’ was highly commended by the British Medical Association and shortlisted for the Book of the Year award in the  ‘Public Health’ category.

Addict choice


Addiction and Choice: Rethinking the Relationship
Nick Heather and Gabriel Segal—Oxford University Press, September 2016. ISBN: 9780198727224.



The collection of authors who contributed, including Segal, Heather and other luminaries in the field, reflect an understanding of addiction on various physiological, medical, psychological and philosophical levels.

I am proud to have written two chapters myself, as both an addict, a therapist and someone who want to fight addiction stigma.

So, we didn't win. But Highly Commended ain't that bad.

And I've had great feedback from readers.

I'd recommend anyone who wants to learn more about addiction to read "Addiction and Choice: Rethinking the Relationship".

I don't get money for it, but I sure get satisfaction from knowing just one more person in the world is educated about addiction and all its facets.

You can get the US version here

And your UK copy here

So I finally got around to recording The Recovery Formula: An Addict's Guide to Getting Clean & Sober Forever in audio book form. And yes, I narrated it myself.

You will soon be able to buy the book in a wide arrange of online stores (stay tuned!), but for now, you can get it on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.



If you're from the UK, you can check out a free sample and all the details on Amazon/Audible here

While my US friends can check out a free sample and all the details on Amazon/Audible here

The pages include how to buy it, or how to get it for free if you decide to trial out Audible.


Please feel free to leave me a review if you like it. I'd love to record The Happy Addict for you next...

Big love, Beth





UnderTheDoormat.com annihilated their Seedrs' target last month. It's not surprising. Whether you're a service user, an investor, or a charity, this business model is a winner for everyone.

With UnderTheDoormat.com, you can use your home to raise extra income for your family when you're away – and you can also donate to charity for free if you wish to.

Your house would be treated as a luxury guesthouse, taken complete care of when you're away on business or holiday, benefiting from vetted paying guests, insurance and security at NO charge to you.


UnderTheDoormat.com meets, greets and provides complementary 5-star linen and toiletries to your paying guests and cares for your house while you're away. In fact, you'll probably find your home cleaner than when you left!

UnderTheDoormat.com is a well thought-out and well-run business, evidenced by the fact that it has already raised capital to expand to more areas of Europe as well as London.

This is not only a great company, but one that supports charity.

You can offer some or all of the income raised from your lettings to support our housing and addiction project, for example. As one bright customer put it, he was “getting a free housesitting service so “why wouldn't I donate?”

Here are some of the homes and areas UnderTheDoormat.com currently offers and our project that they are kind enough to support: The concept is “A home for a home”, providing a home and care for the most vulnerable in society through our charity, DiversityInCare - and it doesn't personally cost you anything. You can use your extra earnings to support us.

In fact, you can even earn vouchers for referring your friends to use their home as a guesthouse too. It's hard to see who doesn't benefit from this business model.

Find out more at www.underthedoormat.com


The barriers to recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction are a mix of practical and emotional, a new study has revealed.

A survey of hundreds of people on the journey of recovery carried out in Kentucky, USA, by a University and a local recovery advocacy support group found that there were common barriers that hampered people in their recovery efforts.

recovery from_addiction

The Top 5 most common barriers cited by recovering addicts were:

1. Returning to environments associated with past substance misuse.

2. Worrying about letting others down.

3. Trying to cope with finances (such as paying rent or past debts).

4. Coping with life's major problems (redundancy, poverty).

5. Knowing how to best structure time.

Other problems that people faced on their recovery journeys were finding housing if they had a prior conviction, learning ways of coping without using substances, and trying to make other people understand more about addiction, recovery, and what it entails.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was one place where people could go at the beginning of their recovery journey to address all these issues at once? Well, there is. And there could be more places, with a little help from you.

I am Chair of a charity called DiversityInCare, which provides specialist supported housing to people wanting to recover. We house people safely away from dangerous influences and past hangouts – we take ex-offenders and people with complex needs too; we help our residents claim any money they are entitled to and help them manage it wisely; we provide them with guidance, access to counselling and the tools to deal with life without using substances; we keep them busy with training and volunteer work.

And as an organisation, we have always promoted a message of understanding and anti-stigma. In fact, I am an ex-addict myself and am not afraid to share all the twists and turns of my own journey from the streets to the Boardroom. What could send a stronger and more compelling message of hope and truth than that?

The thing is, our work has been so well-received by the local community and clients – and we can understand why, now that we see how many barriers it breaks, making the journey of recovery easier for each individual we work with – that we need to do more of what we're doing.


We have agencies wanting to refer to us right now, and people waiting desperately for our help. But we must secure more housing units and need to raise funds to do it.

If you can give anything to support us to be able to open a new house for vulnerable women with drug and alcohol-related issues, please do. Every penny, pound, dollar and cent counts in breaking down barriers and helping people change their lives.

Read more, fundraise, or donate here. Thank you. Your support means so much to us and those we work with.


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