If there was a free indie review service where the reviewer offered to buy your book from Amazon, review it fairly, then broadcast the results to hundreds of thousands of book-hungry followers, with absolutely no catch, would you submit?

I did. That’s how I got my latest 5-star review for ‘Instant Wisdom: 10 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast’. To celebrate, I’m going to share with you the awesome free service I used.

Indie authors often struggle to get quality reviews, especially if their books are not well-known enough to get organic traction. While I am known for my books on addiction recovery, the Wiseism series I am writing is brand new.

So you can imagine how happy I was to find an award-winning review service catering to indie authors whose books have fewer than 15 Amazon reviews.

Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project (IHIBRP) is run by author JB Richards, or Jeannie, as I have come to know this rather wonderful human. She set up the project to give back to the indie community after the support she received for her novels and short stories.

Jeannie has won multiple awards for both her writing and her positive work promoting other independent authors. She’s won the prestigious Golden Quill and the Inspiring Muse Award, among many others.

If your book is accepted into IHIBRP, Jeannie will buy your book, personally read it, and post her review on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, Facebook, and Twitter. All you have to do is submit your book.

There must be a catch, right? Um, no. This is precisely how I got my review and can proudly share my IHIBRP 5-Star Recommended Read Award Badge. All I had to do was write the best book I could, follow the guidelines and submit my book at the right time.

I hope it goes without saying that you should only submit quality work. Not all books will get a great review. IHIBRP is wonderful, but not magic. You will receive a genuine review by a human being.

Now onto why I wanted to write an article about IHIBRP and Jeannie. Although it’s lovely to be able to post another “I got a 5-star review” article, I wanted to take Jeannie’s lead and pay it both back and forward by sharing this valuable service with the indie community.

My whole experience with Jeannie and IHIBRP has been fantastic. I want other indie authors to benefit and I also want to show my gratitude to Jeannie herself.

Here is a little of what IHIBRP had to say about my book: “Time and again, Burgess hits the mark through her keen observations and amusing interpretations in demonstrating how failure can be turned into success.”

If you want to read the full review for ‘Instant Wisdom’, do so here. If you want to submit your book to IHIBRP, the guidelines are here. Please follow the rules. There is a real (and lovely) human on the end of them.

If you get a glowing review, share about IHIBRP. This service only exists due to positive people like Jeannie in the indie community wanting to help others. Be one of those positive people too.

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