What a delight and an honour it was to be invited to The Living Room in Cardiff to share my story with other recovering addicts. I met some lovely people, not least of all Wynford Ellis Owen, the founder of the project and the Chief Executive of the Welsh Council on Alcohol and Drugs.

It was a wonderful experience to be meeting the man whose book No Room To Live was a turning point in my own recovery from alcoholism. It was a book I connected with during my darkest hours and which prompted me, above all, to lay my pride aside and to ask for more help from people who understood my addiction.

What an amazing moment to be visiting him, and the project, with my own book and my own story of recovery, to help other addicts.

The world of addiction recovery is built upon one addict helping another - and it was a very sweet moment indeed to be completing my part of the circle with other addicts seeking help and support from Wynford's project.

I met some truly amazing people with inspiring stories of their own. Recovery really is an awesome thing and it unlocks the door to some incredible experienes.

No doubt there will be more beautiful moments of connection like this - I look forward to being part of them.

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