Free Mindfulness Meditation MP3s For All!

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If there's anything better for the spirit than Mindfulness Meditation it might be giving away Mindfulness Meditation MP3s for free!

I am lucky enough to have come across Mindfulness Practice and Meditation many years ago, when it was introduced to me by an Alcohol Counsellor. Back in those days, Mindfulness wasn't really used very much for addictions and mental health, but my Counsellor was way ahead of the game.

Mindfulness is one of the core aspects of Buddhism and of Dialectical Behvaiour Therapy, which I now teach and use with clients. It has been found to be very useful in treating people with addictions, personality disorders and even common complaints such as stress.

I sometimes conduct quick Mindfulness exercises in client sessions, but I am often asked if I offer any recordings so that people can download them and use them at home, too. Well now I do!

I now have a selection of Mindfulness Meditations in my MP3 store, ranging from a quick 6-minute guided focus on the breath to a 30-minute relaxing body scan. I will be adding to the collection as time goes on, but for now follow the link below to enjoy your free Mindfulness downloads.

Free Mindfulness MP3s

Pre-order my new book on addiction

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My forthcoming book The Happy Addict: How to be Happy in Recovery from Alcoholism or Drug Addiction is now available to pre-order on

The book is out on July 3rd, but you can reserve your copy now by clicking through the link above. The book has just popped into existence on too. Get The Happy Addict if you're in the USrussell brand and beth burgess - the happy addict.

You can read more about my new book here. It does exactly what it says on the tin - it will help you to change your thinking, so that you can build on your sobriety and create a life full of happiness and positivity in recovery.

If you haven't yet got a handle on the basics of sobriety, or you find that you're relapsing, then be sure to check out the prequel, The Recovery Formula. You can order it now on all the international Amazon pages, as well as on Kindle.

I'm really excited about the new book and I hope you will find it a valuable addition to your recovery.

Speaking at new London rehab centre launch

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 I am delighted to have been invited to speak at the launch of an addiction recovery awareness campaign to celebrate the development of a new rehab centre in London.

Diversity In Care is opening a rehab centre for women, where they can recover from addiction in a safe and supportive environment.

As part of that, they have launched an awareness campaign to show that people can recover from addiction, given the right support.

Diversity In Care's new rehab centre will allow women to live with their children as they receive treatment - something which very few other treatment centres in London currently offer. The women, who have often come from difficult backgrounds, will receive support in parenting as well as addressing their addiction.

To mark this new venture, there will be a screening of a short film, UNSPOKEN, featuring District Judge Nicholas Crichton, Lord Ramsbotham, Emma Spiegler, Angela Edmondson and Russell Brand.

I will be speaking after the screening about addiction and recovery, as well as the importance of getting the right help. The event takes place in London on May 16th.

Guesting on The Addiction Show

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 Is 'guesting' a word? Not sure, but never mind. I am delighted to have been asked to be a special guest on the première of The Addiction Show on Friday 29th March 2013.

Hosted by my fellow Recovery Coach, Shira Goldberg, The Addiction Show is LIVE every Friday, and we'll be talking about addiction, recovery, and everything in between.

Join me for the première this Friday at 7pm GMT / 12 PST / 3pm EST on Google Hangouts, or catch up afterwards on YouTube.

Shira is a great lady, so I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. We'll be talking about how to be happy in recovery.

You can find out more info on this page. Hope to see you soon!

by Beth Burgess

The Addiction Debate

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Ah, it's all Russell Brand's fault. Fancy him going and writing a blooming great article about addiction, which endeavoured to get people to treat addicts with empathy and understanding.

Naturally, I agree wholeheartedly. So, I decided to follow up on my Huffington Post blog, with a an article of my own, backing up the big-haired comedian and sharing my own insights.

However, much to my perpetual bemusement, the moment you start asking people to empathise with addicts, or at least to open their minds to the possibility, the shutters are suddenly pulled down by people who are, I am sure, otherwise intelligent.

Judging by some of the comments, people would rather not consider the possibility that addiction could be some sort of illness or disorder, rendering the sufferer incapable of control or rational thought when it comes to their substance. And yet, that is exactly what it is like.

What I don't get is that people are only too happy to attack addicts and to defend their own opinions, even though they clearly know nothing about addiction, nor have any experience of it. That's like me denying that people really ever suffer from schizophrenia, just because I, myself, do not get delusional thoughts. Well I do, but only around gin. 

The blog post got over 2,000 Facebook likes, and counting, which pleases me greatly, knowing that some people either do understand, or are willing to. Despite that, some of the comments were harsh, heartless and ignorant.

Perhaps saddest of all though is that I wasn't even asking for sympathy for addicts, just a willingess to understand the nature of addition and its core hallmarks, so that we could start to address the problem properly and use effective measures. A call for empathy that clearly led some people to take exactly the opposite approach. If you haven't read the article yet, please do. One more person in the world who is willing to understand makes all the difference to me and my fellow addicts.

by Beth Burgess

A sneaky peek at my new book cover

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Here it is...Watch out for the publication of The Happy Addict in Summer 2013 :)

New book

by Beth Burgess

Bah Humbug!

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 Who would have thought that my Huffington Post blog about how much I hate Christmas would have got me so much media attention? It seems that my unfestive thoughts have hit quite a nerve.

I received calls from two local BBC Radio stations this week to appear on their shows and share why I don't like Christmas and how others can cope if they feel the same.

If you missed either show and want to listen again, you can access the files below. I apologise in advance for the glut of Christmas music in the second one!

Readers of Tesco Magazine should already have picked up on what I'll be doing instead this Christmas. In the November-December issue, they included an interview with me about my work at Crisis.

Yes, every holiday season I will be found helping out at a homeless centre in London. It's for a very good cause and I have a lot of fun doing it!

So if you really hate Christmas, why not join me next year and participate in a project that reflects the true meaning of Christmas. Giving, loving, sharing and gratitude.

And whatever you decide to do this Christmas, I hope you have a good one.

BBC Radio Cumbria 20-12-12

BBC Radio Three Counties 21-12-12

by Beth Burgess

My new book now available to pre-order!

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I am excited to announce that The Recovery Formula: An Addict's Guide to getting Clean & Sober Forever is now available to preorder through Amazon.

If you're in the US, you can follow this link, while UK customers can order by clicking through the box on the right-hand side of this page.

The Recovery Formula will officially be published on September 24th 2012, by Eightball Publishing.

If you want to find out more about the book, then take a look at this page. Some wonderful people have already given me some great reviews and I know that you're going to love the book, too.

When anyone asks me about the book, the first thing I say is that it is the book I wish I had had at the start of my own journey through addiction to recovery. It would have saved me a lot of time, pain and frustration. I wrote The Recovery Formula so that other addicts wouldn't have to go through all the trial and error that I did.

Recovery from addiction is not easy, but  when you fully appreciate what you have to do, and how to do it, it is easier than trying to get your head around it when you don't really know what you're doing or where to start.

My biggest dream is to help addicts all over the world to find recovery - together we can do it - and this book is all part of that.

Big love,


by Beth Burgess

Visit to The Living Room, Cardiff

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What a delight and an honour it was to be invited to The Living Room in Cardiff to share my story with other recovering addicts. I met some lovely people, not least of all Wynford Ellis Owen, the founder of the project and the Chief Executive of the Welsh Council on Alcohol and Drugs.

It was a wonderful experience to be meeting the man whose book No Room To Live was a turning point in my own recovery from alcoholism. It was a book I connected with during my darkest hours and which prompted me, above all, to lay my pride aside and to ask for more help from people who understood my addiction.

What an amazing moment to be visiting him, and the project, with my own book and my own story of recovery, to help other addicts.

The world of addiction recovery is built upon one addict helping another - and it was a very sweet moment indeed to be completing my part of the circle with other addicts seeking help and support from Wynford's project.

I met some truly amazing people with inspiring stories of their own. Recovery really is an awesome thing and it unlocks the door to some incredible experienes.

No doubt there will be more beautiful moments of connection like this - I look forward to being part of them.

by Beth Burgess

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